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Volunteer Community provide information on free and low cost volunteer work in all over Bangladesh. We enable people to volunteer for free or at minimal cost by connecting them to organizations that provide affordable (or free) volunteering opportunities.According to the earthquake specialists and the history of earthquake in Bangladesh, exhibits the higher potential of earthquake threat in our country.

Recent information implies that out of twenty cities of the world, Earthquake Vulnerability Index of Dhaka City is second highest of the world. Specially, On going seismic microzonation mapping of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet also exhibit the higher potential of earthquake threat of the cities. Moreover, the rapid unplanned urbanization, huge population and presence of defective and risky buildings of the aforementioned three cities may cause severe devastation in case of any earthquake took place. In light of these, this is the high time that we should prepare ourselves more professionally for the better management of earthquakeread more....

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